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August 2-3
Memphis TN, Memphis Drags (477 Miles one way)
ADRL 2013
2013 ADRL MEMPHIS Memphis bound, and wouldnt ya know it RAIN! What is it with Drag Racing weekends and rain days. Pulling into Memphis we pitted and here come the rain on the Friday for Qualifying. High Temps and afternoon racing was the plan, the rain made sure we were pushed to the evening. Friday was a special day in ADRL and the World. The Lowmad rolled out for qualifying session #2 with Brandon Snider, no one knew that this afternoon run would lead to a mindblowing run of 3.626et at 216.27mph. Say it aint so, the fastest recorded MPH of a production doorslammer not only on American soil but the World! Is it a Fluke? A candy wrapper beam breaker? After a night of rest and a few I wonder if we can back it up, not only would it be the 2nd fastest time for Joey Martin, but it would be in the mid day heat. Saturday came and we were paired again with Brandon Snider for the first round of Eliminations. We qualified #3 and hoped we could get that one run to attempt to back up the 216 run. When the staging bulbs lit up the two step went on and these two JMRC chassis were off. Snider took the RT and that was it, LOWMAD had him at 60ft and was gone from there. When the board lit up, the ET was identical at 3.626 but the Speed was a RECORD SETTING 215.55, backing up the 216 by a 1% margin for a national record and the World record. Joey Martin and the LOWMAD was the FASTEST DOORCAR PROMOD ON THE PLANET! WOW... "It felt good the whole way, car never moved and I could feel it pulling through the beams, it felt just like the 216 run." When we pulled the data from the run the overlay of the two runs was identical except a slight dip in G's for the 215 run. Lots of emotions and knowing the tiny 215.(55) on the end let us know Toney Russell 2013 ADRL MEMPHISwas with him all the way. Going to the second round, Mick Snyder was a tough one. Both cars running well and Snyder gave it away at the light as the Lowmad had trouble about 100ft but corrected, peddled it and ran a steller 211 mph! Thats the 3rd run over 210MPH! E3 put us up against Bubba Stanton, Bubba with lane choice, and as we staged and came off the two step the car was slightly lined up left and drove to the center line, had to peddle, then out of the groove it pulled left again and took out the cones and the LOWMADS day was over. We had the fastest car and the quickest left in the field, missed opportunity but we remain 109 points int he lead headed in to the 7th event of the season.

Check out this video from ADRL! Its History in the making!


LOWMAD rolls into ROCKINGHAM NC Points Championship leader through 6 events!

June 28-29
Martin Michigan US 131 Park (972 Miles one way)
ADRL 2013
2013 ADRL US 131 Another long trip with the Snider and Lowmad teams. We parked at the end of the Lanes, just a great view, beautiful weather and the crowds came to see the racing. Qualifying #7 drawing Todd TUtterrow for the first round. 2013 ADRL US 131 Lowmad leaves and never looks back. Round 1 Win over Todd! Facing our teammate for the 2nd time this year Brandon was ready and beat the LOWMAD out of the gate and set us to the trailer. These are disappointing for us as we race our own, but thats racing and congrats to Brandon for moving on. We handed out over 750 Bandanas to the kids this weekend. Truly shows their impact to the future of the ADRL. We love our little Maniacs! Next Stop MEMPHIS TENNESSEE, Home of the KING!

LOWMAD rolls into Memphis retaining the lead through 5 events!

June 8-9
Virginia Motorsports Park, Richmond VA (835 Miles one way)
ADRL 2013
Made it to VA, Unloaded and getting ready to contend when the bottom fell out of it! RAIN... Roger Richards is definitely around somewhere. Thursday testing was looking like it was going to be a good solid track then the rains came, washed out Friday and the Traction Twins wound up scraping the first 100 ft to bare concrete. This drastically changed the track adhesion. First Rd of Qualifying was a major shake, so Rd 2 bumped it up a little and Qualified #13. Awesome! First Round was against Jason Scruggs, Martin and Scruggs both had troubles with traction but Martin pulled away for the WIN! Rd 2 face Neal Waynte, Martin Wins running a 3.71 @204. GEtting it together! Rd 3 Tommy D'Aprile Joey lays down the identical run as previous taking out Tommy and the Mel Bush Team! Going to the Finals Against Von Smith. Finals and Von has lane choice which proves to be the dagger, left lane just was not there, and we smoked the tires on the hit and Von rolled to his first win in ADRL PX. Congrats to the Howard Moon team.
LOWMAD remains #1 in Points!

NEW SHOES? May 25, 2013

2013 ADRL Spring Drags 2013 ADRL Spring Drags Rolling into the event in Virginia, the LOWMAD remains in the points lead through 3 events. We lost a little ground last weekend going out inthe second round but, we are glad that our teammate Brandon Snider / RedLine Synthetic Corvette put the JMRC combo in the finals. The LOWMAD will be wearing new shoes in Virginia! Brandon Snider went down the track in Cordova 3 test hits, 3 Qualifying rounds and 4 Elimination rounds and never once aborted a run. Made a few phone calls and the next day a truck backed into the lot, no it didnt have our blower, but tires, GoodYears. Luckily they arrived before we left the shop, mounted and balanced 4 tires, ready to race! We are going to put GOODYEAR back in the ADRL! Not only have the tires held up, but they are yellow and match the LOWMAD! These JMRC cars will be sporting these for the entire season!

May 18-19
Cordova Dragway Park, Cordova Illinois (960 Miles one way)
ADRL 2013
2013 ADRL Spring Drags The Co-Team of Brandon Snider and the Lowmad left out from Atmore Alabama Wednesday morning. Problem with this trip it was without the blower, somehow UPS LOST a 140lb wooden crate between Pheonix and Atmore. No sight of the package, gone, lost, the entire year in jeopardy now. Thanks to an old buddy Tim Tindle for loaning us his personal screw blower for the weekend. We had put everything back together since the MMP event where we toasted this engine from a spun bearing. Major hit in the budget, this was part of our public announcement that we will not be competing in the SOT the rest of the year. After a few hundred miles we finally was able to get the lost package off the front of our mind and do some focusing on the race. We arrived in Cordova Population 650, Thursday. Set up camp, shook some hands and walked the track.

2013 ADRL Spring Drags
Friday meant we were testing. Early rise, warmed up the beast and rolled out on the track. Made a hit, saw a few issues, got ready for the next one, after 5 hits we went down the track twice. Oh boy not again. We shined her up for Saturday ADRL Qualifying. ADRL Officials changed the format this time to 4 rounds of Qualifying. We were hung up on mid 70 runs. Think we Qualified 7th, and Brandon with the strongest car of the weekend run 3.68 passes with the only PX car on GoodYears and RedLine Synthetic oil!

Sunday came, and right after the warm up we pulled the valve covers to run the valves and broke adjuster, broke push rod cup, and where was the lash cap! Minutes before the first round we were scrambling already. We rolled into the lanes, took the lights and the car went dead right out of the gate and unfortunately for our opponent he went red and we won that round. Drew our Co-teammate Brandon second round where Brandon ran another 69 and we had a #2 cylinder out, darn plug wire was arching under the cap cover and we were done with a 2nd round loss. Brandon however went on to beat Von Smith in the 3rd round and popping the blower at the last cone. So back to thrashing as a new team we went. 30-40 minutes we tore it down, new studs, run the valves, and all the other work involved, went back up for the finals and Jason Scruggs was ready to run. For some reason the Snider Vette just was low on power this run, either way we run a JMRC to 2nd place this weekend! The next event will be on June 8-9 at Virginia Motorsports Park. (Photos courtesy of Brent Busch and Mike Garland)

April 13-14
South Georgia Motorsports Park (258 miles one way)
ADRL 2013
2013 ADRL Georgia Drags What a short SGMP Event! New motor, new blower refresh, and high expectations as we pulled to the lanes Saturday for round 1 of qualifying. Problem with that is the tune up was not cooperating. Too much power on the hit, went to round two a few simple changes nothing spectacular, and again, immediately murdered the tires. So, we went deeper, double checked it all, triple checked the tune up, new tires, and then we fired it up to just check the timing again to be sure and it was reading a degree and a half off. So one the hit we were more than expected and this might very well be the culprit. The 3rd round was do or die, and when the staging light lit as the LOWMAD rolled int he beams its was on. Joey did an amazing job driving the car from in the groove to on the guard rail, holy cow it was peeling paint he was so close at 200 MPH! But we tripped the beam at 3.69 and bumped to #10 in qualifying. Rolled in the pits with a oil soaked front tire and half broken belt, somehow neither of these stopped it and we were in the field. The intake had a small leak which sprayed on the tire and went under the rear tire also thats the reason for the righthand pull. New gasket and rested up for the sun to rise, it never came but lightning lit up the skies. RAIN! We loaded everything up and at 11:30am the ADRL cancelled the event because of the weather.

All in all we spent a heap of money to make one full pass! We had an awesome time and made some more fans happy! The ADRL has announced that all ADRL events the resat of 2013 will be broadcast by Live Feed on the internet for those who can not make the events. Our next stop is Cordova IL, May 18-19. The LOWMAD is still the Points Leader through 2 Events. We lost 5 points to Mick Snyder but remain over 100 ahead. I can guarantee you the Cordova event will be exciting. Look for the LOWMAD to go LOW! We are taking the brakes off the car!

(Photos courtesy of Roger Richards and Chevelle Rob!)

The LOWMAD almost pulls off the Southern Outlaw Tour opener in Montgomery Alabama last weekend but misses a win by 25 tenthousandths (.0025). Qualified number 2 and rolled into the finals for a chance at 2 in a row! It was a close race and even with the track going away every minute that passed, we had her backed down as far as possible to avoid too much wheel speed and loss of traction. Graph easily shows we spun all the way down on the slick cold track and it was just that much from being a win. Win some and you lose some but this wasn't the one we wanted to lose. The team again worked hard to get the LOWMAD in the finals and we are still proud of our HERO!


2013 ADRL DRAGPALOOZA Rockingham NC (618 miles one way)
2013 ADRL DRAGPALOOZA Joey Martin and the LOWMAD start the 2013 ADRL season off with a trip to the Winners Circle! Just a couple weeks ago the LOWMAD was sitting in the barn, not knowing the future of the 2013 season. Then the phone rang one day and the next she was in the truck headed to Milton for a makeover. Stripped down to the chassis, shined up and a few new goodies added, who knew all this time in maintenance would lead them to the finals!

Rolling into Rockingham on a cold clear night, the crew settled in for the weekend. A Friday of testing only yielded one test hit and that only proved something was wrong. After rewiring and removing the old fuel system, something wasnt right. Spent that afternoon going through the system, to make a qualifying hit Saturday that was no different. Replacing an item with the old it still caused worry on the second qualifying hit. Only one more qualifying round left, and Joey switched out the crank trigger and the LOWMAD threw down a 3.693 at 203 mph in front of almost 7,000 screaming fans. Qualifying the LOWMAD in the middle of the field in 8th position.

Sunday morning was greeted by clear skies and sunshine. The setting was lead by prayer and the singing of the National Anthem. Kenny Nowling energized the fans as he gave the ok to fire the engines to start the 2013 ADRL Dragpalooza! Jason Scruggs and Joey Martin were the first pair on the track and after a blistering burnout they staged. The LOWMAD was ready as Joey treed Scruggs in the first round leading to a holeshot win of only .002. The second round placed Howard Moon's RAGE with Von Smith in the lanes with Martin. Again, throwing a .019 reaction time on Smith gave the LOWMAD the advantage and another holeshot win. Moving to the third round the car was left alone, already 3 consecutive runs in the 60's, facing Richard Holt and Martin never looked back as he ran another 3.67 at 205 mph. The LOWMAD was in the finals against 2012 ADRL PX Champion Mick Snyder, feeling Snyder was a little antsy, Martin Pre-staged and let Snyder move on in, Snyder was quick on the button but a heartbreaker of -.001 RED ended his chances and gave the win to Martin and the LOWMAD team who completed his run of 5 consecutive 3.60 runs with a final pass of 3.670 at 206 mph. The hard work paid off. A man on a mission, driven by his competitive nature, a chassis builder from Milton Florida put the best in the business in the trailer on this March 10th. It was his weekend, his event to win. When we left home headed out Martin said, "Load up boys we got a race to win!" 2013 ADRL DRAGPALOOZA CHAMPS!

David Elsberry, owner of the LOWMAD, was extremely happy to see this car in the winners circle for his first time out. Previous owner Fonda Russell was with the team as her grandson Caleb Russell carried on the tradition of Toney Russell and the ADRL with a Pro Jr Dragster win. We can't thank our supporters enough, Marty Chance of Neal Chance Converters, Santhuff Shocks, STT Safety and, Advance Auto Parts. The long hours put in by the entire LOWMAD crew and the endless patrons of the ADRL and the fans of the LOWMAD who continue to make this racing organization the best it can be. Kenny Nowling, Al Tucci and Bubba Corzine for their outstanding leadership throughout the weekend. Look forward to seeing everyone again in Valdosta Georgia April 13-14 at South Georgia Motorsports Park. What an Awesome Weekend!

More news to come when the toterhome stops rolling tomorrow! Thanks to all our awesome fans for coming by and saying hi. We would especially like to thank Kenny Nowling and Bubba Corizine for bringing the ADRL back to life! More tomorrow!

March 1, 2013
The LOWMAD is getting ready to start the Brand New 2013 ADRL Season at The ROCK in just 6 days! If you missed us last year, you can mark your calendars for March 9-10 for Rockingham North Carolina. It was a struggle last year as we only were able to make a couple ADRL events and a few local SOT at MMP. We are still looking for someone to step up and appreciate the hard work that the Lowmad Team puts forth at each event. We just need a little help in 2013 to make all the events. We should roll into North Carolina on Thursday for some testing. We got a few new items for 2013, since technology has progressed if you don't keep up you will be left behind. This should be a fast season, everyone has a minimum weight to run by, so getting close to it is a must. Kenny Nowling has been busy kicking the tires again and getting the ADRL back on track as the fastest most exciting hair raising show on earth. Our fans past and present are looking forward to 2013, and the Lowmad and Joey Martin are looking forward to putting on a show next week. Car Owner David Elsberry and the entire Lowmad team would like to thank you for the support that has rained in on facebook and twitter, you guys are great we should have some special things coming so stay tuned and come see us next week. Special thanks to Marty Chance for the continued support for advancement of the Pro Extreme field and the generous support to the LOWMAD throughout the years. The guys at Santhuff shocks for the most consistent and lightest support under a chassis you can get. Thanks to Tiffany and Paul at STT Safety for keeping us safe while we race from buckling in to stopping from 200 mph, its the clear choice for all our safety needs.

Something new for everyone to keep up with racing news from the LOWMAD! We created a Twitter page. Here is the Link so you can Follow us:

Looks like the LOWMAD will be racing at Montgomery Motorsports Park for the Southern Outlaw Tour October 26-27, 2012. We had a great time with new car Owner David Elsberry his first time out. We tried out a new wing to help control some bumps down track and it was a big improvement in stabilizing the car. We rolled into the Finals against Brandon Snider who was driving another JMRC built chassis. The Lowmad left hard but Brandon pulled away at the end to take the win light. Congrats to Brandon and the whole MMP crew for keep the track good all day.

June 30, 2012
Extreme Heat and Extreme Racing at MMP this Saturday! A full sixteen car field for ProMods on a 104* day and 140+ degree track condition, anything could happen. The Lowmad rolled off the trailer and a little tune up in the pits lead us straight out to the track and laid down a 3.97, the lowest run of the event right out of the box! It didnt last long as Richard Holt from Texas took it back with a 3.90 and remained #1, as the LOWMAD remained #2 Qualifyier. The track was good enough to keep the cars tight all night and one after another fell to the LOWMAD. As the night cooled to the high 80's we faced Joe Baker in the Medicine Man of Steve McClemore. A pair of Milton Florida buddies racing for the win. The lights fell and Joe pulled out with a .020 light and Joey with a .053. Team LOWMAD had the tune up figured out though and pulled out a WIN for the third time in a row! The whole Team was completely exhausted from a long day in the heat in Montgomery Alabama!

June 29, 2012
The LOWMAD is headed to Montgomery Motorsport Park this weekend JUNE 30th, for the return of the Southern Outlaw Tour! Join us Saturday for 2 rounds of qualifying and eliminations. Weather is going to be HOT so make sure you bring some shade and something cold to drink. The track will probably be in the 140's in the middle of the day, hopefully by the afternoon it will cool down a little for some clean runs by all.

June 17, 2012
Coming off a win at I-22, the Lowmad has made its way back to US43 for another round of racing. Joey rolled the lowmad down the track grabbing the #1 Qualifier position at 4.015et @ 183.82mph. The Lowmad was ready to go as the first rounds began, in the Semis Joey faced RE Smith, after RE left in front the Lowmad ran him down and pulled into the Finals for the second straight race. Facing John Sullivan in his orange Camaro the Lowmad was tuned up ready to run as the lights fell leaving with a .003 light and a .973 sixty foot. Running the low ET of the event the LOWMAD screamed down US43 with a 3.990et @ 185.97mph to pull out the Victory! Congrats to the whole Team Again!

June 2, 2012
The Lowmad has been on a roll persay as she has taken the last 2 races with a Victory.
June 2nd at I-22 we were able to tune down the Lowmad to race the clock. T&T gave us a good idea of how she was going to handle the track conditions. Little loose on the top end but settled it down for qualifying. After a couple rounds of eliminations Joey faced Tim Segars in the finals. Joey ran a 4.03et @ 193.75mph to Tims 4.13et @ 177.55mph to take the Victory! Congrats to the Lowmad Team!

We are saddened today from the loss of Dan Elkins, our Crew Chief. Dan has been with Toney and Family for 25+ years in racing. Our condolences go out to his family. Dan was able to be with the Lowmad this last weekend in Montgomery Motorsports Park and we dedicate the last pass of the Lowmad in true Dan Elkins spirit a 3.75et and 198.50mph as she clinched the #1 Qualifyier as she did many times with Dan at the helm.

Had a super time at Montgomery Motorsports Park this weekend. The race weekend was dedicated to Toney Russell by MMP and Fonda and Family was very appreciative and moved by the honoring of Toney. The Lowmad rolled out on a cold track for Q1 and run a 4.08 ET@ 168mph what Martin called, "on 6 cylinders!" After the problem friday night they had to work some Magic to get the 55 back on the track by Q2@1pm. Seems the track didn't want to cooperate Q2 but after the crew making some adjustments, in Q3 the LOWMAD laid down a solid 3.75ET @198.50mph to take the #1 Qualifying position. No changes to the LOWMAD for Round 1 Eliminations. Lost round 1 from a broken blower belt. Martin stated, "He was cruisin' in the groove, when it turned loose, let off and got back on it and that was it. I just coasted and watched as he went by clipping me at the line. Nothing I could do." Dissappointing for the entire team even though we knew it was a part failure. If nothing else the Lowmad Team and Joey Martin got all the cobb webs out from the Winter break and will be headed to Texas in a few weeks.

The first race of 2012 ADRL in Houston, Texas at the Royal Purple Raceway March 30-31. Check out the ADRL for tickets. Remember this aint your Grandmas Station Wagon!

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